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Canceled Account
Aug 5, 10 8:25 AM
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Welcome to Wasteland Arms Co.
Date 2156

  Wasteland Arms Co. is a group of Fighters, Crafters, Mutants and a whole lot more.
We've come together for the greater good of us all.  Together we outfit the many, feed the more and rely on each other for our very survival in the new age of Fallen Earth.

The fundamental mission of Wasteland Arms Co. is to protect the life and property of our Clones.  They serve in a manner to take advantage of those scientific advancements, Armors, Weapon smiths, etc, which will facilitate success in that endeavor.
We dedicate ourselves to providing unsurpassed, personalized, protection to our Clan family
... local or global ... large or small ... We provide customized solutions to suit our clones needs in all situations.
In the land that was left for us to live in,  the harsh realities of the being alone became so burdensome that our very survival depended on each other.   
With honor for each other, respect  for each other & defeating our foes we will shape the future of Fallen Earth.


Canceled Account

Phyrehart, Aug 5, 10 8:25 AM.
This game is a GREAT game.  The first 6 months of it was the best time in a game I've had in a long time.

After giving it a good try and meeting some awesome people. I've finally canceled my account.

All of you who were in our clan I can't thank you enough for all you have done. 

I'm truly sorry for the mistakes I made being a clan leader.  I've never been a clan leader or a leader of anything really.  It was an amazing ride for me.  I appreciate all who taught me how to be a leader and had patients with me as I learned the ropes.
Some of you I've now made friends with and hope to have for a life time. 
I've already started the xmas presents and hope to game with you for many years to come.

VENTRILO IS STILL OPEN     and it will always be so.   You all are welcome to come and join us for a chat from time to time.   Halfsilent, Yarko, Ashly, Violation, Phyrehart, Jinro, Rulex and more are on from time to time and would welcome catching up with our fellow gammers from Fallen Earth. 

I wish everyone of you who have graced us with your time and laughs and friendships all the best that life has to offer.  
Though we have had some rough times of it I wish not one person ill will. 

Donta did an amazing job with getting new people to the Clan and taking leadership to new heights.   I know some didn't agree with the some of the things that happened and I know there was bad feelings on some sides.    I can't speak for anyone other then myself and I would not even try.

As for myself I will never forget any of you and welcome you all to our vent to chat to catch up on what gaming life is bringing you! 

Fare the well in all your endeavors!!
Phyrehart Trueblood
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